We believe that our children’s dreams, their abilities, their aspirations are grown. With the right environment, positive role models & opportunities, they will achieve remarkable things. Through age appropriate school extra murals, customized cricket sets, eBooks & online courses, we encourage children to play, learn & grow. CricketHERO. the cricket development brand for ages 3-8.

Our school extra-mural coaching programme

CricketHEROâ„¢ has been carefully tried and tested. Our coaching programme is formulated to teach children between 3 – 8. While playing games & developing basic essential cricket skills without the pressures of formal training.

  • Cricket Fundamentals
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Confidence
  • Co-ordination
  • Active & Healthy Lifestyle
  • Social Interaction

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Featured Online Course

Parents with a keen interest in their child’s cricket ability or physical and emotional development will benefit from this course. 15 years of preschool coaching experience all summed up in this easy to online understand course

  • Cricket Fundamentals
  • Boosting confidence
  • Technical enhancement
  • Analytical thinking

Free Featured Download

Tracking cricket specific development milestones from ages 2 – 9 is now available. Parents can receive this open source download. No email capture. No catch. This free resource serves as the ultimate guide and foundation of understanding and empowering your preschooler’s development.