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If you want to be an effective coach, no scratch that, if you want to be an effective parent and human being, your language may be the defining factor. We generally look at this topic is linear and simple; however, we could be speaking English to each other and not communicate at all. Our language, our tone, the words we use to describe things all give a glimpse into our souls. 

Where the power starts

A young mind needs positive reinforcement, for example; “don’t forget the milk” could and should become “please remember the milk”. So, when you are playing with your little one here are some phrases to keep in the front of your mind:

  • Keep going
  • Nice try
  • Right idea
  • Brilliant shot
  • Well bowled

Language isn’t rocket science, however you would be shocked to see how often people don’t get it right, I have watched many coaches tell their students what they are doing wrong, instead of telling them what they should be doing. Although this article is for pre-schoolers the message is applicable to all ages. Speak life into your child.

Parents use phrases such as “no”, “stop touching it”, “don’t do it like that”, this is lazy parenting and often leads to lazy coaching, what would you like them to do? How would you like them to do it? now rather telling them, rather show them – there are more visual learners than auditory learners anyway.

Giving it 100%

Great, so you have the words right. But what is your body saying? When we communicate to others, 70% of it is through our body language, a mere 7% are our words, crazy! Instead of stating that you are excited, show that you are. When you child hits a great shot, let your entire body showcase your excitement, go over the top.

Ever spoken to someone that is super passionate about something? How did you pick up the fact? You registered excitement, high amounts of energy, tone fluctuation and most likely a confident stance when talking about the topic, maybe even some hand gesturing. We don’t fake passion. You might be reading this article thinking that you are not passionate about cricket? well are you passionate about your child’s physical well-being? Are you passionate about their academic performance? Can you see that cricket or add tremendous amount of value to both?

When speaking, keep the following at the forefront:

  • Upliftment
  • Encouragement
  • Validate

Your little person doesn’t understand jokes or sarcasm, everything is taken literally. Mom and Dad give identity, you have the power to break down or to raise up, be as perceptive to your language from your pre-schooler’s point of view, how are they receiving your messages?

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