The Power of Role Models

Pre-schoolers have their whole life ahead of them, their dreams are all achievable and unfiltered. Where do these dreams come from? Their belief comes from seemingly tangible experience that haven’t been corrupted by negative life experience.

Has your child ever come home and told you indefinitely what they will be when they are all grown up? A fire fighter, an astronaut, a cricket player, and the list can go on. Did you ever realise that your child absolutely believes it? that they deem it completely reasonable and achievable? Children see something that they like and aspire to that. children mimic what they see, and they dream bigger.

If your child is mimicking the Kardashian’s or MTV, then they will dress like that, speak like that, think like that – most children are forward thinking at this age, hence why their dreams are so big. At this age the role models that they identify with may come to define them. We all have a desire to belong, people change to suit their friends so that they can still belong in that friendship group. When a child’s favourite cricketer is AB De Villiers, it isn’t a blank statement, it’s a deep tangible declaration of who your child identifies with, who your child sees himself as. 

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to play against Imran Tahir in a cricket match, this was huge for me because I was like him – a leg spinner. for the first time, I could test myself and see where I was at with regards to my ability. As you can imagine he was top class and bowled rings around most of the team. But the highlight for me was when he came to speak to me after the game, he encouraged me and told me that I am very good, he suggested some technical elements to add to my game and spoke strategy moving forward, then he gave me his phone number and said I should call if I ever need advice.

Now you can imagine what that did for my self-worth, to be validated and encouraged by the premiere leg spinner of his time. I went home buzzing. 

The right role will encourage the right stuff. Therefore as a parent, when your child comes home and tells you their role model, make it as exciting and tangible as possible in any way, shape or form, because that inspiration is a powerful building block for the future.

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