The Holy Grail of Development

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We all know how powerful sport is for early childhood development, Cricket is one of the most unique sports in the world and provides a much greater scope that many other sports with regards to development. Whether you love it … Continued

The Power of Role Models

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Pre-schoolers have their whole life ahead of them, their dreams are all achievable and unfiltered. Where do these dreams come from? Their belief comes from seemingly tangible experience that haven’t been corrupted by negative life experience. Has your child ever … Continued

Basic over technical

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Many parents that are interested in Cricket are often the parents that played it at school, and I have found that the parents that are more involved in their child’s cricket, are often the parents that played at a high … Continued

Fun is First

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I have coached for many years, and I have coached many ages groups. Children as young as two and a half, and the biggest most important function when coaching this age is to keep it fun. Now fun takes many … Continued