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How preschoolers build their body, mind and brain while having fun

Scientific research has lately been linking increased play time with increased intelligence. when children role play, they are actually linking different social scenarios in the Neocortex. in other words playing becomes practise of real life events based on what they are experiencing around them. when children play they learn, and they learn at a far…


What Daryll Cullinan, Neil Mackenzie & Paddy Upton taught me about pre-school cricket coaching

With Daryll – Precision and attention to detail.  While working at the Daryll Cullinan center for 3.5 years I grew tremendously in my knowledge of coaching, technical base, philosophical approach at getting the best out of athletes and then putting all of that together to produce amazing cricketers. Daryll was such a flary batsman, and…


The 7 skills cricket develops for preschoolers

Let’s not waste time, so let’s dive straight in: 1 – Gross & Fine Motor development It is no secret that more and more children are lacking in muscle tone, spacial awareness and coordination. there are some factors giving rise to this such as additional screen time, both parents working, small living spaces and safety….