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When Parents fail their children

This may seem harsh as all parents never set out to fail or harm their children, but i see this happen more often than not, I see this at preschool level and at high school level. when parents focus more on winning than development, when they play the victim card or cry “injustice” instead of…

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Positive Environment

If you want to be an effective coach, no scratch that, if you want to be an effective parent and human being, your language may be the defining factor. We generally look at this topic is linear and simple; however, we could be speaking English to each other and not communicate at all. Our language,…

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Active kids become Academic kids

Studies have shown that children that spend their time running around and climbing tree’s outside actually perform better academically than children that sit in front of the TV every day. Now I have mentioned in a previous post the importance of watching cricket on the TV for learning purposes, however even that should be in…

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Imagination is your ally

Giving rise to visualization  Pre-schoolers are often in their own little world, you give your little girl a doll, they start role playing being a mother – they feed the doll, they clothe the doll, they sing to the doll to make it go to sleep. You give your little boy a spider man figurine,…

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Fun is First

I have coached for many years, and I have coached many ages groups. Children as young as two and a half, and the biggest most important function when coaching this age is to keep it fun. Now fun takes many forms, and the goal is to define it through your child’s eyes. Fun for some…

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How preschoolers build their body, mind and brain while having fun

Scientific research has lately been linking increased play time with increased intelligence. when children role play, they are actually linking different social scenarios in the Neocortex. in other words playing becomes practise of real life events based on what they are experiencing around them. when children play they learn, and they learn at a far…