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  • CricketHERO Development Chart


    Our development chart provides insight into the developmental milestones pertaining to cricket. Parents can now better understand the age appropriate process for their athlete. This simple table type format covers frequency of play, duration of play, technical skills, mental frameworks, gross motor development etc.

    Understand your athlete, figure out where they are now, look to see what is ahead and fast track their development.


  • CricketHERO Drills & Games


    CricketHERO drills & games were originally developed for our CricketHERO pre-school extra mural program. Now we have made this available to parents for home use.

    This eBook is for parents looking for creative ideas for play and learning, play-dates with other young athletes, greater amounts of intensity on different aspects, giving the athlete more activities to do at home. We give a breakdown of difficulty level, duration of play, repetition guideline, useful technical handles to watch for and safety precautions.

  • CricketHERO Fundamentals

    This eBook links perfectly with the CricketHERO development chart (Or Module 1 of our coaching series), and is the next step to playing, coaching and equipping your pre-schooler in their physical and emotional development while improving their cricket skill.

    This eBook gives you some practical handles on your approach when teaching or playing cricket with your child.

  • CricketHERO Trials


    Your very first cricket trial can be extremely daunting and intimidating. We have seen many amazing cricketers not making the team because of trial pressure.

    Preparing for trials is unique to the trial set-up and understanding of what coaches are looking for at the net session. This eBook doesn’t pertain to playing out in the middle at all.

    Knowing how to plan and prep could make all the difference.